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Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

An Update from Miles Kellum, CPA When at parties, I typically try to avoid bringing up what I do for a living. Nothing makes people’s eyes glaze over faster than…

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How #MeToo Could Affect YOU

We’ve all been witness to the incredible events surrounding the #MeToo movement. The allegations of sexual harassment (and worse) made against Harvey Weinstein led to accusations of wrongdoing against a…

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Personal Umbrella Policy

My wife and I walk to Starbucks every Sunday morning for a light breakfast. We generally sit outside to enjoy the early morning Summer weather. On a recent Sunday, As…

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Featured in North Texas Dentistry

In the most recent volume of the North Texas Dentistry, a business and lifestyle publication for North Texas dentists, I contributed, “Understanding Risks… Weighing the potential financial consequences of risk,…

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