Coronavirus FAQ

We’re here to help! As we are all facing unprecedented change & uncertainty, we wanted to reach out to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about insurance, employees & best practices. Our offices are open and fully staffed. We anticipate the ability to remain fully staffed during this time and are…

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Confessions of an Insurance Agent with Kyle Wallace

After 30 years of delivering comprehensive insurance programs tailored to meet the specific needs of dental practices, oral surgeons, etc – we have seen and heard it all.  In this industry, dental professionals cannot afford to leave their careers and/or practice inadequately covered. The other day I was reviewing the insurance program for a multi-location…

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North Texas Dentistry Magazine Feature

Wallace Specialty Insurance Group was recently featured in the 2018 Special Issue of the North Texas Dentistry Magazine. Our interview covered the topic: Insurance Trends for Dentists and Dental Practices. You can read the magazine online here or read the full article below. Click to download the PDF!

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Wallace Claims Briefcase #1

Online Applications

Sexual harassment claims can be dramatic and even sordid but others can be somewhat innocent in nature. Some time ago, we encountered a claim that originated from an unmarried dentist dating one of his unmarried dental assistants. The relationship was consensual and continued for several months. Eventually, the dentist ended the personal relationship and the…

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Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

An Update from Miles Kellum, CPA When at parties, I typically try to avoid bringing up what I do for a living. Nothing makes people’s eyes glaze over faster than the words Certified Public Accountant. When I do get cornered into stating my profession, a common follow-up is “what are you going to do once…

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