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Different insurance companies and the policies they offer can vary wildly. Understanding the differences can be confusing. We’re an independent agency that works with dozens of different insurance companies. We know the market and we’ll help you get what’s right for you efficiently and economically.


Professional Liability (Malpractice)

Professional liability insurance is designed to defend and indemnify a doctor from allegations of treatment errors resulting in harm to a patient. Choosing professional liability coverage is serious business. Your reputation and even your ability to practice may depend on that choice.

Disability Insurance

Your ability to earn is your most valuable asset. It’s also important to understand that disability coverage is most easily secured and least expensive when you’re young and healthy. There are several very good disability companies to consider but comparing them can be difficult. With disability insurance, it’s definitely not one size fits all and there is nothing worse than finding out you’ve got the wrong coverage after you’ve become hurt or sick. We can help you understand your options, all your options.

Term Life Insurance

Death and life insurance can be an uncomfortable subject. Take the emotion out of life insurance though and it’s nothing more than an extremely efficient and flexible financial tool. We have access to the entire life insurance market. Whatever your situation, we can help you find the life insurance to address it.

Personal Home & Auto Insurance

We’ve been conditioned by advertising to believe that Home and Auto insurance is all about price. We’re told that all home and auto insurance policies are created equally. It’s just not true.

Personal Umbrella Policy

The quickest way to lose everything you have is to be held personally and financially responsible for an injury or death caused by you, a member of your immediate family or connected to a property you own. Unlike your malpractice exposure, there is no tort limit to mitigate to loss. That’s why it’s so important to carry a personal umbrella policy.

Individual/Family Health Coverage

It doesn’t really matter what your position is on the Affordable Care Act. It’s the law of the land and has likely forever changed the way we purchase and use health insurance, and yes, its’ complicated. It’s more important than ever to understand your options with health insurance, especially if you’re a practice owner.

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