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New Grads

Welcome new graduates. Congratulations on your significant accomplishment.

If you’re entering the world of private practice you’ll have many different practice options to consider and more than your share of challenges ahead in dealing with your choices. I find that it’s not uncommon today for a young dentist to find themselves working for several different practices during their first two years, often working for more than one practice at the same time. It can take a while to find where you fit.

I do realize that most of you have loans and you need to start making serious money. Try not to make that you’re singular motivation. Assess the entire practice opportunity. Take a good hard look at each practice and ask questions. Most practice owners will welcome this. I’ve had many conversations over the past 16 years with young dentists who’ve found themselves in situation where they’ve been asked to do things that they weren’t comfortable doing. I’ve seen situations where young dentists suffered serious consequences because of this.

If you’re asked to sign a contract (and should probably want this) make sure that you have the contract reviewed by a lawyer before you sign it. There are law firms that will do this for you for a very small fee. I can refer you to one. You’re smart but you didn’t just graduate from law school. I’ve seen some really awful contracts over the years.

Obviously, I’m here to help you negotiate the world of insurance. I’ll make sure that you’re well taken care of.

A few simple cautious steps can help make entering the world of private practice the wonderful experience that you’ve worked so hard for it to be.

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