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If I worked with my hands (and back and neck......)

OK, I'm only your insurance guy (or maybe just one of your insurance guys..... let's fix that) but I'm also a life-long exercise junkie.... Read more »

Obamacare Enrollment Notice

October 1st is an important day (or infamous depending on your personal opinion) in the world of health insurance.  October 1st is the date... Read more »

Personal Umbrella Policy

My wife and I walk to Starbucks every Sunday morning for a light breakfast.  We generally sit outside to enjoy the early morning Summer... Read more »

Featured in North Texas Dentistry

In the most recent volume of the North Texas Dentistry, a business and lifestyle publication for North Texas dentists, I contributed, "Understanding Risks... Weighing... Read more »

New Grads

Welcome new graduates.  Congratulations on your significant accomplishment. If you're entering the world of private practice you'll have many different practice options to consider and... Read more »


I'm often asked if it's OK to continue to treat a patient who refuses radiographs.  I always say no.  Honestly it depends who you... Read more »

Office Judgement

Do your patients think you're a good dentist?  Most of them keep coming back so that's a good sign.  What criteria do you think... Read more »